Jenkins 命令行操作说明

你可以通过命令行工具操作Jenkins的许多特性。你可以通过 Wiki获得更多信息。作为开始,你可以下载jenkins-cli.jar,然后运行下列命令:

java -jar jenkins-cli.jar -s help


add-job-to-viewAdds   jobs to view.
buildBuilds a job, and optionally waits until its   completion.
cancel-quiet-downCancel the effect of the "quiet-down"   command.
clear-queueClears the build queue
connect-nodeReconnect to a node
consoleRetrieves console output of a build.
copy-jobCopies a job.
create-jobCreates a new job by reading stdin as a configuration   XML file.
create-nodeCreates a new node by reading stdin as a XML   configuration.
create-viewCreates a new view by reading stdin as a XML   configuration.
delete-buildsDeletes build record(s).
delete-jobDeletes a job
delete-nodeDeletes a node
delete-viewDeletes view(s).
disable-jobDisables a job
disconnect-nodeDisconnects from a node
enable-jobEnables a job
get-jobDumps the job definition XML to stdout.
get-nodeDumps the node definition XML to stdout.
get-viewDumps the view definition XML to stdout.
groovyExecutes the specified Groovy script.
groovyshRuns an interactive groovy shell.
helpLists all the available commands or a detailed   description of single command.
install-pluginInstalls a plugin either from a file, an URL, or from   update center.
install-toolPerforms automatic tool installation, and print its   location to stdout. Can be only called from inside a build.
keep-buildMark the build to keep the build forever.
list-changesDumps the changelog for the specified build(s).
list-jobsLists all jobs in a specific view or item group.
list-pluginsOutputs a list of installed plugins.
loginSaves the current credential to allow future commands   to run without explicit credential information.
logoutDeletes the credential stored with the login command.
mailReads stdin and sends that out as an e-mail.
offline-nodeStop using a node for performing builds temporarily,   until the next "online-node" command.
online-nodeResume using a node for performing builds, to cancel   out the earlier "offline-node" command.
quiet-downQuiet down Jenkins, in preparation for a restart.   Don’t start any builds.
reload-configurationDiscard all the loaded data in memory and reload   everything from file system. Useful when you modified config files directly   on disk.
reload-jobReloads this job from disk.
remove-job-from-viewRemoves jobs from view.
restartRestart Jenkins.
safe-restartSafely restart Jenkins.
safe-shutdownPuts Jenkins into the quiet mode, wait for existing   builds to be completed, and then shut down Jenkins.
session-idOutputs the session ID, which changes every time   Jenkins restarts.
set-build-descriptionSets the description of a build.
set-build-display-nameSets the displayName of a build.
set-build-parameterUpdate/set the build parameter of the current build   in progress.
set-build-resultSets the result of the current build. Works only if   invoked from within a build.
set-external-build-resultSet external monitor job result.
shutdownImmediately shuts down Jenkins server.
update-jobUpdates the job definition XML from stdin. The   opposite of the get-job command.
update-nodeUpdates the node definition XML from stdin. The   opposite of the get-node command.
update-viewUpdates the view definition XML from stdin. The   opposite of the get-view command.
versionOutputs the current version.
wait-node-offlineWait for a node to become offline.
wait-node-onlineWait for a node to become online.
who-am-iReports your credential and permissions.

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